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Call Center Dialer & IVR Solution for Cab & Driver Service Providers


Taxi service industry is a very competitive market with a number of players offering different services and trying to differentiate their offerings. It is important to provide best customer experience to retain the customer and benefit from repeat business. Taxi companies are on constant lookout for new technologies which can be used to their advantage

Company Profile:

Ezi Drive India Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore headquartered multi-city service provider for on-call taxis as well as on-call drivers. They are in the operation for more than 8 years and have them reputation as the first to introduce ‘On Call Drivers’ where you can book a driver for your car for a particular time period. To outpace the competition they have embarked on a shopping spree of technologies and applications and found *astTECS’s offerings and expertise as their best suit.

Business Requirement:

Customers should be able to call an IVR number and book a taxi or a driver for a specified date and specified time frame.
Customers those who have already booked a service should be able to call the IVR to reschedule the existing booking or cancel the booking.
Customers those who have already booked should be able to call the IVR, enter a PIN and check the status of their booking any time.
Ezi drive should receive real-time updates of bookings and cancellations in their dashboard
Integration with Ezi Drive database to track booking status, PIN generations and any other IVR query mining.
Provide a call center solution for customers to reach them agents for any unresolved queries.

*astTECS Offerings:

Automated IVR for taxi and driver booking.
*astTECS have gone an in-depth probe on customer requirement and prepared a detailed scope of work based on this understanding. We have drawn an IVR flow chart as per expected call flow and integration with the customer database. The detailed IVR flow chart helped both the parties execute the customization as planned and any change in the scope to be scrutinized.

Integration with customer database:
*astTECS has done multiple API integrations with customer database for real-time data queries. This has helped the Ezi Drive to have real time database updates without any manual interventions. This integration also helped in verifying customer mobile numbers and authenticating booking PIN numbers of customers. This has also helped to pull out reports on booking and cancellations instantly and take the next steps to dispatch or block the vehicle/ drivers.

Implementation of fully Automated Call Center Solution:
*astTECS also provided the customer with *ast c30 call center solution to route the calls to the agents as and when customer opts for this option. Call center solution streamlined their process and increased the efficiency of entire call handling process.


*astTECS has successfully completed the IVR automation and call center solution implementation to customer satisfaction which resulted in overall operational cost reduction with improved efficiency. Listed below are the few of the benefits achieved through this implementation.

More than 1500 bookings processed through IVR in a week compared to 800 bookings done manually. This is a 90% increase in bookings and corresponding business revenue.

Monthly approximate saving of Rs.3L on operational cost otherwise would have been spending on resources to reach 1500 bookings.

Improved customer experience. Automation has helped the customers to book their cabs in advance and cancel it if required without reaching a call center agent or waiting in call queues.

Call Center Solution has helped them utilize the existing manpower more efficiently through performance reporting, quality monitoring.

In short the association with *astTECS for technology up gradation has given Ezi Drive wings to expand their business aspiration to next level in terms of revenue as well as territories.