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Case studies

IP PBX solution for Hospitals

Client : Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute

Location: Thane – Maharashtra

Industry: Health Care


The origin of Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute lies in the vision of a few dedicated doctors. Way back in 1986, immediately after completing their specializations in various medical fields, a dream weaved the association of a few like-minded doctors together. The collective dream was to provide quality healthcare to the medically deprived people at a very affordable cost. Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute takes the onus of it being a pillar of the MiraBhayandar community with pride. It has initiated various services like the Green Paper forum (aimed at making Mira Road area better through collective participation) as well as many free medical camps

Business Challenges:

Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute currently using EPABX with more than 360 extensions and 4 Airtel PRIs connected. The pain area as informed to us that, there is no proper scope to manage the appointment booking and other queries of their patients.

Other challenge is the reception (Operator) is often required to transfer the calls to other extensions or mobile numbers manually following some white sheets or a physical telephone directory. The existing solution although investment is much has the limitation to list only 200 numbers in the directory and hospital management want the entire directory for the operator to connect or transfer the calls with finger click and search option.

Visitors time is valuable. Prior appointment system which leads to an electronic queue management and a token system is what they wanted to operate smoothly to ensure that visitors waiting time is minimized.

During emergency no staff were able to give an alarm to their emergency team members. Never in the past supervisor have seen CDR report, one of the core feature which customer was in need.

Solution Delivered :

*astHS500 with redundancy, the IPPBX solution has reception console with digital phone book for call transfer. Modified address book or directory created to ease the call transfer for all the extensions and mobile numbers.

Now customer using the supervised transfer of a call to the contact list in the customized address book we have offered with the search option. Integration of Phone Book for all internal mobile numbers and extensions, to transfer the incoming calls to the numbers in the phone book by the operator.

Appointment Scheduling/reminders: Caller can schedule appointments through IVR system. SMS can be sent automatically to patient/doctors to remind the upcoming appointments.

Code based alarm, *astTECS IP-PBX enables emergency calls from any extension to the emergency team members through their mobile/extensions.

Ensured the high security on the call recordings. One can access the recordings only with user privilege as per requirement.

Call detailed report indicating the end to end micro level call handling details of the customer. The recording and call history is made available in CDR for training and conflict resolution.

*astTECS IPPBX features additionally they are using like:

Receptionist console
Auto attendant
Built-in recording
Call transfer
Dial by name
Call detail report
Call monitoring
Database integration
Public address system
Video conference


Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute is very happy after implementing *astTECS IP PBX which has helped the hospital in taking care of appointment booking for their patients and maintaining a complete database. Retrieving the details with single click from hyperlink created through the server help them to enhance the customer service. In case of emergency, timely attend of Doctors has now become easy with inbuilt phone book. Latest version of reception console smoothen the call transfer, reception management and internal communication