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Modern enterprises try to utilize modern equipment that can improve their Sales, Service and Customer Interactions. One such product is Call Center Dialer. It is voice communication system integrated with computer automation, known as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). It is a Software product that helps in making, recording and analysing every telephonic interaction happens in an enterprise. There are various ways Dialers are categorized. E.g. Inbound or Outbound or Blended; Inbound could be further categorized as IVR based or Skill Based or Most idle agent Based routing of calls. Whereas Outbound Dialers are divided as Manual or Preview or Progressive or Predictive depending on method of generating a call. It may also be categorized as Domestic and International Call Center Dialer as per utilization.

We at Iconic offer complete range of Call Center Dialer Suits. We provide end-to-end solution that includes Server, Software, necessary Gateways and intrfaces.

Outbound Call Center Suite

Outbound predictive Dialer effectively integrates all the outbound process like telemarketing, sales, surveys, collections etc. with the process life cycle. It precisely manages outbound calling to achieve maximum productivity by supporting a variety of campaign and list of management strategies.

Inbound Call Center Suite

Inbound solution can provide sizeable improvement to the productivity of your Call Center. Skill based routing organizes incoming contacts and sends them to the most appropriate agents. It has powerful IVR built-in to guide the callers.

Blended Call Center Suite

It makes outgoing calls as well as it takes incoming calls. A blended Call Center suite is capable of handling both inbound and outbound operations. A blended Call Center with ACD can raise the agent productivity.

Common Features

It has a capability to support multiple campaigns.
It has a touch-tone key response for the user specified actions.
It has Voice Logger to record and monitor performance.
It has been integrated with the IVR software to support answer surveys and multi-level questions.
It has a capability to send pre-recorded voice messages popularly known as Voice Blasting.
It provides all types of performance and analytical reports to help understand customer behaviour and improve processes.

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