Telecom networks, mainly voice communication networks use various components that connect your desk phone to external world. Every generation of telecom standards or protocols are evolved independently and Gateways are required to communicate between different generations of technologies. They convert the format of a phone call to allow it to pass between new generation SIP network and earlier generation of public switched telephone network (PSTN), and allow users to bring their analog phones fully into Unified Communications environment. Gateways also offer a level of Security to the Telecommunications Network.

VoIP Gateway :

We supply latest VoIP media Gateway designed to interface between the TDM and IP networks that :
Provides seamless connectivity between the IP and PSTN networks through FXS, FXO & E1/PRI ports.
provides local survivability in the event of external server & network failures.
It is a modular system which provides high grade scalability up to 120 ports in a single system.
VoIP media gateway can be deployed to connect enterprise legacy PBX systems over an IP network. In addition, it can also be deployed in hosted communications and centralized IP-PBX applications.
Available in 1 U (3 peripheral slots) and 2 U Box (6 peripheral slots)

Key Features:

Call hold
Screened call transfer
Unscreened call transfer
Call waiting
Attending Queued Call
all pick-up
Personal Pass code
Dynamic call control
Do not disturb
Memory Bank Dialing

GSM Gateway :

GSM Gateway converts landline connectivity into mobile calls reducing telecom costs drastically. We supply GSM to PRI and GSM to VoIP gateways that are scalable and based on easy to use Open Source asterisk platform.

Key Features:

- Least Call Routing
DTMF Detection
Digital Audio Quality
Comfort Noise Generation
Balance Alarm
Sending/Receiving SMS
Flexible IVR
Low Power Consumption

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