Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is a telephone switching system within an enterprise that can switch a call between the enterprise users on local lines, allowing all the users to share a certain number of external phone lines. Iconic IP PBX systems can give you various calling benefits that will help you to cut down your calling cost and it can also increase the productivity of your business. . Our IP PBX systems are designed to work in different verticals such as Healthcare, Banking & Financial Institutes, Educational institutions, Real Estate, SMEs, PSUs and Large Corporate etc.


IP PBX system for hospitals supports instant calling for emergency attenders, video conference for urgent case discussion and consultation and can also schedule appointments by sending reminders to patient and doctors. It can be integrated with Public Announcement System within the hospital to make emergency announcements.


Our IP PBX system for hotels provides SMS alert for check in and check out. It also provides wakeup call facility and room call facility as it provides the billing information immediately. Smart phones as extensions within Wi-Fi range can help the guest to instantly access the staff duty room for instant services.

Education institutions:

IP PBX system provides in-build IVR and voice blasting features for education institutions. While general queries and status updates can be automated 24/7 using IVR, parents can call the enquiry number to know the details of fees, marks, result, performance etc. Voice blasting feature sends an automated voice message to an entire uploaded contact list for making announcement and alerts such as holiday, payment dues etc.

Real Estate:

With this system real estate sector can have a better coordination between their office and field which will enhance their services and accelerate the deal closure.

Business Enterprises:

Most businesses having multiple offices within a country and large field staff utilises IP PBX as a Distributed Office Set-up to optimise cost and resources. Unified Communications makes it possible to integrate various communication platforms such as voice mail, fax, email, sms etc. Integration with CRM and ERP or third party application software is also possible.

For SMEs, we have launched new rage of IP PBX, astLite :

It is an ideal solution developed for small offices. With its advanced features, astLite allows the small enterprises to be flexible, innovative and competitive with latest VoIP technology while reducing telephony costs. It has capacity to connect PSTN or PRI with 20/40/80 IP extensions.

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