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Boardroom Conference

Audio conference or boardroom conference is a solution designed for conference or large meeting rooms to take care of multiple user talk to each other without any hassles. An advanced system can also help the users to connect their telephone lines to both the locations; it may be within the office, within a country or any international location. Iconic delivers audio conference system having crystal clear sound quality with advanced audio bridge technology.


It has quick and easy set-up
It reduces cost by bring team together across any location
It has facility to prioritise and provide control to the Chairman/Administrator
It can be integrated with CCTV System within office.


Projector is an optical device that projects an image on a projection screen. It may be for use at home or office. Iconic has delivered projectors that have razor sharp projections. It has the option of multiple connectivity, having low maintenance and variable image options that can keep things simple, so that you can focus on whatever screen you need to. At iconic we sell high quality projectors, at real good prices that can fulfil all your office and home needs.


It has an advanced image and colour enhancement technology that can provide a superior image and colour reproduction.
Various mounting options, such as Ceiling, Wall or Desk top are available with zoom lens that gives you the ability to adjust the projected size of the image without moving the projector physically.
It includes a feature called media player that can directly display photos, video and common office document without using the computer.

Public Address system

Public Address system combines a system of microphones, amplifiers, and speakers that are used to bring the ideal audio environment to larger public spaces. Our public address systems are very easy to install and it can be widely used in Exhibitions, Trade fairs and Schools and Colleges. The modern organizations utilize IP based PA systems that talks and controls other similar systems. These systems require low maintenance and are cost effective.


Low Watt Portable PA Systems available for indoor use.
For large gatherings/ functions, higher wattage PA Systems are available.
Wireless compatibility feature is available in PA system that is normally used for classrooms and for offices.
Various kinds of Speakers and Microphones can be deployed as per the applications.
Advanced IP mics and speakers can be deployed with IP based PA or PBX systems.

Video Conference System

Video conferencing is a set of telecom technologies that allows two or more locations to communicate simultaneously in two-way video and audio transmissions. The VC solution provided by Iconic is based on Open Source software with excellent quality; it is highly reliable, flexible and inexpensive. With the help of LAN and internet any one can connect anywhere.


The record and playback feature is very useful for those who are not able to attend the meetings with this option one can have the feedback on demand.
Through integrated VOIP the audio is send from your meeting over the internet, instead of sending it through telephone.
Desktop sharing across platforms like Google hangouts and even for users on standard web browsers is possible.
You can interact with public and private chat option whenever required.

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