Complete Call Center Dialer Setup

Complete Call Center Dialer Setup

Setting up a Call Center:

Every customer-centric organisation needs a Call Center these days. But it requires special skills and abilities to design and set up one such center. We undertake complete designing, planning and implementing of Call Center or BPO for our customers. Be it a small 10 seater domestic set-up or full-fledged blended multi-campaign BPO, we provide end-to-end solutions starting from system architecture, network design, telecom connectivity, agent PCs with accessories till IVR flow, Data and storage configuration, Gateway, CRM and SMS integration etc.

To aid the increasing number of organizations and businesses from vast majority of verticals from Banking, Finance, Hospitality to Education and Government Services in setting up a Call Center, we have aligned our services as under :

1. Network Design:

Basic LAN design, its topology and necessary structured cabling are the starting points. Some of the popular types are, etc. The right type of network - star or mesh - for each call center has to be decided depending on the space availability and the number of seats that has to be provisioned.

2. Required Equipment:

All equipment purchase decisions should be based on the projected call loads. A balance has to be maintained between the number of incoming PSTN or PRI lines and the seats that are provisioned to handle these calls. The Dialer capacity and Logger storage shall be decided accurately by predicting call volumes. ACD and IVR units must have an appropriate number of ports to receive incoming trunks and additional ports to handle internal agent lines. Computer networks must be able to handle the appropriate number of network connections. We factor every hardware and software requirement of the process and accordingly design, procure & implement the project on turn-key basis, in time and within budget. Some of the deployments that are running successfully incorporate vast and varied product & equipment including Auto Dialer, IP PBX, GSM Gateway, PRI Gateway, SIP Minutes, UPS, CCTV, Access Control, Headsets, Routers, Switches, Racks etc.

3. Connectivity Factor:

It will be under our preview to check feasibility from telecom service providers, choosing the right service provider and right type of tele-connectivity, such as PSTN, PRI, SIP, GSM etc.

4. Human Needs:

This is an important factor that is often overlooked while deciding Call Center layouts. As the employees will spend their entire workday at their workstations the ambience has to be in such a way that there is optimum contact with co-workers. At the same time care has to be taken to ensure that the workers do not intrude upon one another resulting in hampered productivity. We have specialized team to look into the space management and consider human approach.

5. Training and Support :

We have structured training modules for IT executives, Supervisors, Floor Managers and Call Agents. This ensures smooth working at all levels and our 24 x 7 support center provides back-end support as and when required.

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